Six on Saturday 30/11/19

There’s finally been some respite from the rain and the sun even came out for a day off on Thursday. It was wonderful to be able to spend the whole day in the garden and I’ve finally got most of the plants into the glasshouse that need to spend the winter in there. I’m sure they’ve multiplied when I wasn’t looking! That has left some pots that I can (finally) fill with bulbs. That’s tomorrows job. In the meantime here are this weeks Six

1. I’ve tried to grow Nerines in the past with very poor results so this year I bought a few different varieties and grew them in pots. The results have been a bit better but not outstanding. This is the last to flower, Nerine Bowdenii  ‘Alba’. It’s smaller than the others but rather lovely.


The question now is whether to leave them in pots for next year or should I plant them in the ground. Any opinions?

2. The weather has affected the roses badly but ‘White Swan’ has rallied slightly.

D4EA33A4-FB99-4F97-ACD3-BFF4D78CB61D3. The taller grasses haven’t lasted any where near as well this year due to the heavy rain, the shorter ones have fared a little better. Hackonechloa macra ‘Albovariegata’ has been flattened a bit but still looks attractive


4. I don’t really like the colour of the flowers of my Antik ‘climbing’ Geraniums and had decided not to bother with them next year. Next thing I know I’ve taken some cuttings. The larger plants will remain outside until the frost finishes them off. They’ve had a few frosts already and have turned a glorious colour, this one especially.


5. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had a disastrous year with Dahlias. The reason why became clear when I dug them up. Weeks of heavy rain + clay soil = rotting tubers


6. Some colour to finish with. The half-hardy Fuchsias were still making an effort when I took the pictures on Thursday.

After last nights frost they now look very sad, sadly. Despite the Capsid Bug and Gall Midge the Fuchsias have been amazing virtually all summer and autumn. I can’t imagine the garden without them.

Have a great weekend as don’t forget to see what’s looking good in the other Sixers gardens at

7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 30/11/19”

  1. Nice six. I like the Hackonechloa. I planted two small patches this year in the front garden. I’d like some more for the back garden to go round an acer but sells for stupid prices at the garden centre. Carry on keeping my eye out for bargains during winter sales.

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  2. Poor dahlias … I had this kind of result a few years ago. I removed the heavy clay soil and added potting soil and decomposed leaves. It aerated and drained the soil. More, I lift them up every winter before the forecast of heavy rains or frosts.
    I like Hackonechloa and fuchsias! very pretty

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  3. I bought some Nerines a couple of years back and was advised to grow them in pots for the first year then plant them out. Which I still haven’t done because the ones I do have in the garden haven’t done very well either the last couple of years. They are inclined to get browsed by slugs when they’re starting to grow in the spring which if not spotted and dealt with can set them back badly. I’m thinking to get my pot ones into growth in the spring then plant them out.

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