Six on Saturday 09/11/19

It must be Six on Saturday time  because it’s pouring with rain again! However, it was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so I took some photos then.

Thursday night saw the first proper frost and last night was colder again for a while. Between the awful weather and work I’m so far behind with the garden – plants that should be in the ground, plants that should be in the glasshouse, bulbs to plant, compost to mulch with……… oh well, it will all get done in the end.

1. Thursday nights frost brought the last of the leaves down from the Birch tree.


2. It also turned the leaves of Trachelospermum jasminoides ‘Variegata’ red overnight.


3. The Solenostemon were still looking quite good yesterday


but have dropped most of their leaves with last nights frost. A priority tomorrow will be to re-pot them and put them in the glasshouse for the winter. I have some cuttings as well as insurance.
4. The ‘Antik’ Geraniums haven’t been affected by the frost so far. I overwintered two large plants last year but they took up a lot of room in the glasshouse. I’ve taken some cuttings this year and will (probably) not keep the large plants.


5. I planted Mahonia eurybracteata ‘Soft Caress’ two or three years ago and it’s been very slow to grow. At least it’s having a go at flowering this year.


6. I’ve been meaning to include Miscanthus ‘Silberfeder’ for the last few weeks but keep forgetting. It’s slightly past its peak now but still looking good considering how wet it’s been.


Off to work now so I’ll be back later to read the other Sixes at

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