Six on Saturday 02/11/19

A week off this week so we’ve been away for a few days. On our return it was amazing to see how much the garden had changed in such a short time. The max/min thermometer in the greenhouse recorded an overnight low of 2.4 degrees while we were away and leaves have fallen, Cosmos and Zinnias have collapsed and lots of clearing up needs to be done. I spent yesterday in the garden picking up leaves, picking up slugs, removing annual plants, picking up slugs, planting bulbs and picking up more slugs. There’s still a lot of bulbs to plant but, with yet more rain and strong winds forecast, not a lot is going to get done today sadly. I’ll apologise now as some of the photos below are a bit blurry but it was windy yesterday afternoon.
1. I grow greenhouse tomatoes in large terracotta pots and when I removed them last week there were several patches of this fungus growing around the back of one of the pots.


2. I bought Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Blue Star’ at the Malvern Spring Show this year. As it was in flower in May it went over quite early in the season. A while back I noticed new flower heads forming and so cut off the old ones. The new flower heads aren’t very big but give a lovely shot of colour at this time of year.


3. Hesperantha coccinea ‘Ice Maiden’ is finally flowering, although there aren’t many stems.


4. The weather doesn’t seem to have suited some of the Salvias so well this year but they’re having a final flourish.

5. In the spring the Non-Gardener replaced an arch and some trellis which gave a new planting opportunity. On one of the trellis I planted Ampelopsis henryana. It has grown quite well and was beginning to show its autumn colour last weekend. While we were away a lot of the leaves have dropped so this is its last opportunity to feature in a Six.


6. Sorbus aucuparia ‘Autumn Spire’ has struggled this year. It’s a young tree and the long, dry summers of last and this year have taken their toll. However, it has managed to put on a beautiful autumn display, despite dropping a lot of leaves in the summer.


When I was in the garden yesterday I started to make notes about plants to move/get rid of/acquire etc so I think I’ll work on those plans a bit more today and then spend the rest of the day being the gardening quilter instead.
I hope the weather doesn’t stop you getting out into your garden this weekend but whatever the weather don’t forget to check in with our host to see the other gardens at

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