Six on Saturday 19/10/19

I can’t believe that it’s over two years since I joined the Six community. I’ve discovered so many new plants, (if only I had room for them all) and read some really helpful hints and tips. Thanks to our leader and long may it continue.

The weather has been a little kinder here this week and we’ve actually had a couple of days with no rain and on Thursday the sun came out. Even better was that I wasn’t working so could go gardening. Luckily I took photos for this weeks Six at the same time as the rain returned on Friday. It was good while it lasted.

1. Having not done a lot in the garden due to the weather there was a lot of clearing up to do. I need to find some spaces to plant Wallflowers and Sweet Williams plus some of the large quantity of bulbs that I seem to have ordered. I’ve had my best success with Echinacea purpurea this year and the seed heads are standing well, despite the wet. When I looked closer though I could see that the seeds are germinating while still in the seed heads! I’ve never noticed this before, it shows how damp everything is.


2. This weeks Michaelmas Daisy is Symphyotrichum ericoides ‘Yvette Richardson’. It’s about 20” tall and very delicate.


3. I have grown Persicaria virginiana ’Painter’s Palette’ (I think) for a few years. I like it but feel that there are better varieties and keep thinking I’ll replace it. It also seeds around too much. That said, it looks quite good now. The cobwebs etc don’t add a lot though.


4. Another Persicaria in the border is ‘Indian Summer’. Sadly, the weather has beaten a lot of it down but this bit is still upright.

5. Last Persicaria for this week is P. microcephala ‘Red Dragon’. It’s a vigorous variety that I don’t have room for in the border but I want to grow it as the foliage is so beautiful. My answer to this problem was to grow it against some trellis. As it grows up I just thread it through occasionally. It’s reached over six foot tall this year.


6. Ageratina altissima ‘Chocolate’ grows quietly in a very shady corner and then at this time of year suddenly comes to life. The flowers are small but such a perfect white. Sorry it’s a bit blurry but the wind had come up by this time.


Have a great weekend, hopefully with some time in your garden. Then catch up with all the other Sixers at

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 19/10/19”

  1. I have the same Persicaria virginiana, it arrived unbidden and I ID’d it as P. virginiana filiformis, rightly or wrongly. Like you, I think it’s barely worth having. I’ve admired your “climbing” Red Dragon before, it’s one I want to copy when I can create a space for it, though I may try it with Silver Dragon.

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