Six on Saturday 05/10/19

Another Saturday and another Six. They come around so quickly. Between work and the weather not a lot has happened in the garden this week. Quite a lot of bulbs have been delivered though. I just need to make some space to put them in.

1. Salvias have done well this year, although Capsid Bug was a problem earlier on. S. uliginosa is very exuberant and I find it fairly impossible to control. The bees love it though. The annual Heleniums have been amazing his year but are reaching the end of their lives. All this rain means the SnS have had a feast on their petals.


2. Hylotelephium ‘Lost Labelum’ is doing well in this narrow border. I’ve a few different ones in this dry patch that are doing well so I think I’m going to remove the majority of the other things that mostly struggle here and replace them with varieties of the above and some more grasses. The Geranium will stay.


3.  Hesperantha haven’t done so well his year with very few and much smaller flowers. It seems a shame not to have one variety in my Six though. This is the most prolific (usually) in my garden – H. coccinea ‘Mrs Heggarty’. I’ve a couple of other paler colour varieties but I saw a clump of really red ones in a garden the other day and want some. Research needed.


4. The Asters have taken a bit of a beating but a white flower at his time of year is very welcome. Sorry about the focus, it’s getting windy again.

5. I have spent many years trying to increase my few original Cyclamen hederifolium. It’s working! I have them at the front of a lot of the borders and they are popping up in a few unexpected places as well. The colour and leaf variation is lovely. Beautiful plants.


6. I plant up two hanging baskets each year with Fuchsias, Begonias and Geraniums mostly but this year was seduced by an offer of reduced price Begonia ‘Apricot Shades’ plug plants. I planted one mixed basket as usual and one with just this Begonia variety. The first one has had most of the plants twisted out of it by the wind (should have taken it down temporarily!) but I’m really pleased with the other. It has suffered some damage but still adds a good splash of colour. I’m becoming a convert to single variety baskets.


Out with the Non-Gardener today and a quilting regional day tomorrow so very little is going to get done in the garden this weekend 😔 but the joy of gardening is that it will all be waiting for me for when I do have the time. Have a great weekend and keep up to speed with all of the other Sixers at


15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 05/10/19”

  1. Begonias look great as single plant baskets & the colour in yours, just wow. As always, you’ve got great colour combos going here. The first 3 photos make me giddy w/how well everything goes together. Those asters really interest me, not only because, as you say, a bit of white at this time of year is great, but also, their multiple petals, like little pompoms. I’ve been unsuccessful doing a search for any that are quite like yours. Do you remember their name or another lost labelum?

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