Six on Saturday 21/09/19

The sun is shining today and it’s forecast to rain a lot tomorrow so a quick Six as the garden is shouting to me. There’s still a lot of colour in the borders but some things are definitely past their best and need dealing with. The Amelanchier is dropping leaves already – it’s always the first. It is now autumn.

1. I’ll get the nasty one out of the way first then things can only get better. Having battled with Capsid Bug earlier in the season some of my Fuchsias are under attack again. Is this F. gall mite damage?


2. On to prettier things. I grow the taller Cosmos every year, they work so well with just about all plants. This year I grew C. ‘Lemonade’ for the first time. It’s a shorter variety than my usual ones (about 30” tall) and germinated well. Sadly, most of the resulting plants didn’t branch well but those that did are lovely.

3. As I’ve said in previous Sixes, Dahlias have been an absolute failure for me this year. D. ‘Karma Maarten Zwaan’ has finally flowered and it’s beautiful. The slightly unattractive leaves belong to a Tithonia.



4. Following on with the white theme this weeks Japanese Anemone is ‘Honorine Jobert’. It’s a tall variety and such a pure white. The petals are interesting shapes!



5. This Canna was from my dads garden, it’s not really anything special but I can’t get rid of it. I left these in the ground last winter but won’t do so again – SnS damage to the leaves was awful. It’s finally flowering but is being slightly overwhelmed by the Eccremocarpus scaber on the fence behind which has also swamped Dolichos lab lab on an obelisk.


6. This Lady Fern, Athyrium felix-femina ‘Frizelliae’ has the common name of The Tatting Fern. It’s growing in a very shady and very dry border.

Unfortunately, there are fronds of another fern coming up through it. I can’t just ease this one out as I can’t see a clear division. Shall I dig them out, rinse the soil off of the roots and see if I can separate them that way? It seems a bit drastic. Any other suggestions?


Sadly for him, the Non-Gardener is working today 😥 so that leaves the whole day for gardening for me 🤗. Have a great weekend.

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20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 21/09/19”

  1. O dear, I was thinking of leaving the canna in the ground this year, but your comment about the S&S makes me wonder . . . Love the lemonade cosmos, a lot! The dahlia is stunning.

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  2. I wouldn’t be too optimistic about digging up your fern and separating the roots. I did that with a magnolia in a pot which had a huge dandelion growing from the middle of it – simple enough, one would think- but I couldn’t distinguish between the roots much to my surprise. I planted the magnolia back and it sulked the next year but is fine now. I like that cosmos, such a soft yellow/white.

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    1. I did wonder. Maybe I’ll just pull the rogue fronds off as they emerge. Hopefully that will weaken it enough to make it give up. I’ve left them up to now so I’d be able to distinguish the two plants, maybe.


  3. I think that is gall mite. I have had a couple of outbreaks in the past and have cut it out and binned it, then watched VERY closely for any recurrence, which there hasn’t been. Get rid of it as soon as you see it so it doesn’t become established. As for the fern, if you cut out the growing point of the rogue fern I think that may suffice, I don’t think they grow back from lower down generally.
    That’s a very pretty Cosmos, I’m going to have to try growing them again in spite of previous failures.

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  4. Lady Fern is so pretty, I can see why you don’t want it over whelmed by the intruder. Where I have ferns that get in the way of other plants I simply pull the leaves out, they seem to come out pretty easily, otherwise cut them back as far to the crown as you can.

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