Six on Saturday 29/06/19

Not actually late, just somewhat later than planned. Welcome to my SoS. It starts with the good, then the bad followed by the ugly. Then a few pretty things bring up he rear.

1. I mentioned a few weeks back that there is a definite lack of ladybirds for the second year running. I was thinking about buying some larvae in (they’re expensive) but in the last few days I’ve seen a few of these around

I’m hoping that there are enough of these ‘goodies’ to tackle these ‘baddies’. I’ve been washing them off with the hose when I can.

Has anyone bought in ladybird larvae. Does it work and do they stay?

2. The aphids have caused lots of ‘ugly’ distorted foliage on all sorts of plants but I’ve noticed some other ugly leaves around the garden as well

Sorbus aucuparia ‘Autumn Spire’ – normally so healthy


Betula ‘Snow Queen’ –


and this Lonicera – this isn’t the aphid infested one above


Is it the weather having an adverse effect? It’s been exceptionally wet and very windy. Any suggestions/solutions gratefully received.

3. That’s enough negativity. The roses on ropes and posts in the front garden were glorious for a brief spell then got battered by the weather (sorry, more negativity). They are still making a valiant effort despite this Clematis doing its best to swamp ‘Graham Thomas’. The rain has certainly given it a boost.


While I was taking this picture I saw this May Bug inside a flower. I have uncovered dozens and dozens of the enormous larvae in my compost heaps so I’m surprised I haven’t seen more adults than I have. This one obviously overslept.


4. In the autumn of 2017 I planted out Canterbury Bells (Campanula medium apparently) that I had sown in July. The drought got some of them last year but the rest looked quite good. One plant didn’t flower but looked very healthy so I left it in. It’s turned into a bit of a Triffid (a good three feet high and as much across) and at the beginning of the week was smothered in flowers. A couple of days of heavy rain have sadly left their mark as the blooms filled with water and quickly turned brown. I’ve given the plant a bit of a primp for this weeks Six. There’s going to be quite a hole when the plant comes out.


5. I love the colour of Triteleia ‘Queen Fabiola’ but the foliage is so awful. It flops all over the place and I’ve been known to pull it off as the flowers open. It doesn’t seem to be too detrimental to the bulbs as they multiply like mad. As you can see, there’s a lot of competition!


6. Following a bit of a colour theme, this early flowering Aster comes back year after year. I’ve a pink one as well but it isn’t quite so robust. Looking at this picture reminds me that I’ve not done the lawn edges! Tomorrow.


It’s started to cool down a bit and has gone cloudy so I’m off to do the evening watering. I think I’ve finally finished planting up pots etc so tomorrow my aim is to get the watering system up and running, hopefully with a little help from the N-G.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and when you’ve done enough gardening relax by looking at the other gardens at

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 29/06/19”

  1. Bloomin’ aphids. I spotted my first ladybird this evening but we have had the crocodile larvae here and there – just not where I want them. I really must get an aster. I always intend to. Almost purchased an Autumn Spire last week but at the last minute ordered a golden spire elder. I do like Rowan’s though. I hope yours gets better.

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  2. I suspect the stress to tree root systems from last year’s summer is a contributory factor in some of your foliage problems. Fungal and bacterial leaf spots make more headway than usual on somewhat weakened plants. I recognise the clematis but can’t remember the name, do you know it?

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    1. We just need a year of non-eventful weather to give the plants a rest. Sadly, I can’t remember the Clematis name and the label has long faded. I can remember it’s a viticella type but that’s all. Labelling causes me such a headache, I’m hoping my new(ish) machine solves the problem.


    2. Morning Jim. I used to keep a planting list. After you asked the name I dug it out for some bedtime reading. It is Betty C. I planted a Polish Spirit at the same time through the next rose but that wasn’t so strong and gradually faded.


  3. Asters already! I checked mine yesterday and they are so late compared to yours.
    There are too many aphids this summer. I sprayed some water and soap on my lupins last week, but they are already back … and not too many ladybirds so far.

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  4. I’ve not bought in ladybird larvae but like you was tempted to until I found a few in my garden. I often see them on hedgerow plants when I’m out walking the dog and am tempted to pop them in a jar to bring home. I never do though – I figure it’s best to let nature due its own thing.

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  5. I thought my asters were early until seeing yours. They are beautiful, aren’t they, w/those lovely yellow centres. Would love to see them in pink as well. Like others, I do so like that clematis w/the rose. Glad (? well interested) to read Jim’s explanation for our awful foliage this year. Like yourself, I wish we’d have some normal weather soon.


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