Six on Saturday 01/06/19

It’s the Non-Gardener’s birthday today so before we go out for the day, here’s Six from our garden (the N-G insists that it’s my garden). I’ve been at home this week and have cleared virtually all (I’m bound to have missed some!) of the Forget-Me-Nots and Wallflowers. I’ve filled the gaps with, mostly, annuals. There’s a mountain of pots and trays to wash but still a lot of plants to find a home for.

1. The Clematis are really getting into their stride. This is C. ‘Samaritan Jo’


2. A self-seeded Cornflower arrived in the main border last year and it’s made quite a substantial clump this year. It’s next to Geranium ‘Anne Thomson’ and the magenta Geranium flower matches the centre of the Cornflower. Perfect. I couldn’t have placed it better myself. To be honest, they both look a bit washed out in this picture.


Then I noticed this handsome beast. I do hope it’s not a nasty!


3. Astrantia flowers are so beautiful. I’ve a few different ones but couldn’t find the label for this one. I’m fairly sure it’s ‘Ruby Wedding’.


4. When we went to Malvern the other week I was tempted by this Eryngium x zabelii ‘Big Blue’. It’s colouring up well now.


5. My favourite grass is Stipa gigantea. Its so elegant and lasts well into the winter. I tried taking a close up but it was too windy.


6. The Stipa is in the front garden which is planted with things that, mostly, look after themselves. I think it might be my winter project as I’d like to give it a bit of form. At the moment it is literally full of plants. The front boundary consists of roses on rope and posts. There are a couple of Clematis that have yet to flower in there as well. The roses are looking and smelling beautiful. There’s R. ‘Graham Thomas and R. ‘White Swan with R. ‘Crown Princess Margharita’ in the centre.


Have a great weekend in your garden, whether working in it or sitting in it. Don’t forget to catch up with all of the other Sixes courtesy of our host at


15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 01/06/19”

  1. A lovely Six. That handsome beast was on my Margaret Merril rose last week! Nature has a way of knowing what will look good together.

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    1. Thanks. I grew Anne F. For many years then it disappeared one winter. Anne T. is related but is much, much stronger growing and is, I think, too much of a thug for my border. Lovely plant, wrong location. I prop it up to protect surrounding plants but then it looks rather similar to G. psilostemon growing further along.

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  2. I love your rose border. The contrast among them is so attractive. As to your bug, he’s got great back legs. Reminds me of an ad on TV several years ago about a woman being ‘undone’ by Mr Darcy’s breeches. I’m certain she’d say the same about your fella.

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