Six on Saturday 27/04/19

What a change in the weather! I spent a couple of hours out in the garden yesterday evening tying in plants like Clematis and Lonicera and also staking up some of the herbaceous plants in preparation for Storm Hannah. It’s been lovely to have some rain, the plants definitely look better for it, but I didn’t order 50+ mile per hour winds. The strength of the wind is still increasing this morning. The down side of the rain is that the slugs and snails have sprung into action and are having a field day. While eating breakfast this morning I was watching a Startling pull whole flowers off of Primroses and fly up to his/her nest with them. Then he/she started on Clematis leaves. I’ve not noticed them doing this before. Anyway, it’s time for my Six on Saturday.

1. I bought Erysium ‘Apricot Delight’ last spring and I don’t think there’s been a week since when it hasn’t had flowers on it. It’s a bit of a sprawler but an amazing plant. I must take some cuttings.


2. Although not as showy as Lamprocapnos spectabile Lamprocapnos formosa has a quiet charm. This plant is many years old and is growing in a patch of really poor, dry soil. It would probably grow much better in a decent patch of ground.


3. Clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’ grows up a fence behind the Birch tree and usually lights up the fence at this time of year. It really struggled with the drought and heat last year (too much competition from the tree roots) and when I tidied it up in February I found that large parts of it were dead. It looked very sparse by the time I’d finished. It’s now thrown a couple of new shoots up from ground level and has a few flowers so I think it’s going to be alright.


4. I try to plant things where they will have the best chance but last years weather showed me that I was expecting too much of plants I’d put in the small border around the Birch tree. To make it lower maintenance I decided to add to a couple of ferns that were doing well there. A couple of small, hardy Fuchsias at the edge of the border will add some colour later in the season and self sown Honesty is looking good now. I bought a collection of ‘ferns for dry shade’ from Shady Plants in the autumn. They are mostly varieties of Dryopteris. I potted them up and kept them in the cold frame for the winter as an arch and some trellis needed replacing. I wasn’t sure the N-G would notice them in their dormant state. This one is D. Erythrosora, also called the Autumn Fern. The new fronds are a beautiful copper colour, especially when the sun is shining as opposed to pouring with rain.


5. Potting on is in full swing in the glasshouse. The over wintered Fuchsias, Salvias etc have been moved to a sheltered area outside (I hope it doesn’t get too cold) but I could still do with a temporary extension.



6. I’m sure there are lots of Tulips featured in this weeks Sixes. Mine have very nearly finished now but I’ve two late flowering Parrot varieties. I’ve not grown these before and have been eagerly watching their progress. The first potful opened the other day and if there is an award for the ugliest tulip then this one wins hands down.


After I’d taken the photo I pulled all of the heads off! I hope the purple ones look better than this.

I’m not sure that the weather is going to be very favourable for gardening today but my RHS seeds arrived yesterday so I’ll be sowing them later. I’ll also be reading the other Sixes courtesy of our host at

Thanks for reading my Six.



23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 27/04/19”

  1. What cuttings you have! Impressive and I envy you … I didn’t know lamprocapnos formosa. The leaves are almost prettier than those of L.spectabile because they are thinner and slightly “serrated” (I think). On the other hand, the flowers of L spectabile are obviously very well known and pretty though.

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    1. The foliage of L. formosa is very attractive and lasts longer than spectabile. I don’t know where on earth I’m going to put all of the plants I’m growing. The garden is fairly full already. It’s just a compulsion that a lot of us are afflicted with!

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    1. I also have a variety called ‘Langtrees’ which has white flowers. I grow them as much for their foliage as for their flowers.
      The buds on the Parrot Tulips did look really interesting and I think describing my flowers as a bit of a mess is very polite!


  2. What a fab collection of cuttings and seedlings – all looking so healthy. Mine look rubbish! But I’ll love them just the same. I do love that ‘Guernsey Cream’. I made a note of that last year. Does it always flower so early and how long for? Can’t wait to see all your cuttings and seedlings in the garden.

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    1. Yes, ‘Guernsey Cream’ is always this early and is a bit unusual as most early flowering Clematis have smaller flowers. They normally open over a couple of weeks and last quite well. Sadly, Storm Hannah is doing its best to destroy the plant at the moment.

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  3. That’s a heck of a lot of seedlings. Impressive. The Lamprocapnos formosa is very pretty, almost has a fern like leaf.

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    1. Growing from seed is a very bad addiction. I haven’t a clue where all of the plants will go, I’ve only a small, fairly full garden. I grow L. formosa as much for the foliage as the flowers. It lasts really well, compared to its bigger cousin L. spectabile

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  4. Beautiful! The L. formosa runs rampant here at the base of trees and I love it. Too funny that you chopped the heads off your parrots! I grew them initially last year, a lovely variety called Progessor Rontgen and enjoyed them most in vases. This year I have two small pots of assorted parrots and they’re in tight bud, so the jury’s still out.

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    1. I can’t remember which parrots the red ones were, sadly. The buds looked really interesting, they just should have stopped at that stage! I’ve seen some in other Sixers photos that looked really interesting. I’m just hoping that the purple ones look better. I don’t mind quirky but draw a line at plain ugly.

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  5. The start of the slippery slope. Temporary greenhouse “extension”, then another, and… Then the car gets pressed into service. Then you get a bigger greenhouse and before long you’ll be on that slope again. But you have an impressive collection coming on nicely. And, of course, lawns are going out of fashion. 😉

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  6. Lamprocapnos formosa is a beauty! My poor bleeding heart has been flattened by Hannah, April sure is a fickle month! I am very impressed with all your cuttings and seedlings. Having a very small garden myself I think it is best that I don’t become obsessed / addicted / compelled to grow things from seed. I have enough of a problem stopping myself taking cuttings! I have to agree with you re the parrots. I grew them for the first time last year and hated them. Funnily three of the bulbs have flowered again this year. I am ignoring them.

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