Six on Saturday 09/03/19

It’s been quite an unsettled week weather-wise here in North Somerset with a frost on Thursday night. The early tulips have been fairly well ruined by the strong winds so fingers crossed that the next ones to flower have kinder conditions. I’ve been watering the pots on the patio for the last couple of weeks so they’ve benefited from a natural watering by this weeks rain and all of the water butts are full again. I’ve had a busy week so no gardening at all, just a quick trip to the glasshouse each morning and evening. I put the fleece over the residents each night, just in case. Anyway, let’s get down to business – here’s this week’s Six on Saturday with some rather damp plants as the stars.

1. I sowed Bellis perennis seed last June but not many seedlings survived the heat and drought of last summer. However, those that did are beginning to flower now. I like them in pots with bulbs coming up through them.


2. The wallflowers are starting to show their colours as well. They seem very early, I guess that’s down to the recent very warm weather.



3. Another Lamprocapnos has put its head above the ground this week. This one is spectabile and it is quite an old plant now. It gently seeds around, coming true from seed.


4. I used to grow forced Hyacinths in pots for indoors but, it turned out, the Non-Gardener didn’t like their scent (cats apparently). Several years ago I was given a pot of three which I planted out in the border so that no ones nostrils were upset. They come up every year, they’ve never increased in number and I think they look rather out of place but I love the colour!


5. Just along from the Hyacinths the bronze fennel is growing rapidly. I love the feathery foliage and the flower and seed heads attract so many insects and birds. It’s too far forward in the border though and I meant to dig it up and replant some of it further back last autumn. Obviously I forgot. It needs to go to the top of the To-Do list.


6. We went to Falmouth a couple of weeks ago and visited the lovely Tremenheere Garden. Although very early in the season there was still plenty to see. It’s a shame I left the camera behind! I’ll have to visit again.  On the way back to the car I had a ‘quick’ look around Surreal Succulents and found some more potential residents for my succulent stack.


Have a great weekend, hopefully in your garden but if not then enjoy all the other gardens courtesy of our host at


15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 09/03/19”

  1. What an intense blue this hyacinth! I love this!
    My wallflowers are at the same stage and some of them will start to bloom. I don’t know how it was last year at the same time ( I have to check), but they are hardy and no matter the weather and the season, they will bloom and spread … About Bellis, do you sow them every year? They are lovely, especially the red

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  2. That Hyacinth is a beautiful blue. I have a fair few Hs dotted around the garden and I’ve never noticed them increasing in numbers at all. One bulb, one flower and never a seed or offset. I just acquire supposedly different types and am waiting for the year when they actually flower as they’re supposed to colour-wise. Don’t have a wallflower flower yet but patience is a virtue. As long as they flower better than last year!

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  3. I love the smell of hyacinths, but it is rather strong. I only have the little grape hyacinths, the large ones have only been forced in jars in my past. I should look into other uses! Now I have more on my list for fall bulb purchases!

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  4. Lovely hyacinths and upright too (a lot of ours were flattened by the wind). Our wallflowers are way behind yours.

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  5. Aah, so lovely to see the bellis. I had forgotten all about them. On to the list they go. I have some ordinary fennel that needs planting in a final spot. Thanks for the reminder – hope the root isn’t to deep.

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  6. I’m worried about my tulips in these winds we are having! Would hate to lose them and already they are in bud (though supposed to be April / May flowering. Wallflowers too were making their presence known, but I haven’t been out to check lately!

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