Six on Saturday 23/02/19

Can this weather last? How wonderful if it did. The garden is waking up so quickly at the moment, along with the pests of course. I finally got around to cutting the Clematis down this week, mine are mostly late flowering hybrids so need cutting back hard. It seems a shame to cut off so much new growth but they’ll be better for it and it keeps them to a manageable height in a small garden. A quick, colourful Six this week as we are in Falmouth visiting our daughter for the weekend. I’m pretty hopeful that I can persuade the N-G to visit Tremenheere Gardens today (we were going to go once before but on the Monday morning I found that they don’t open on Mondays) and then it would be rude not to look at the plants at Surreal Succulents. There’s an idea for a succulent ‘tower’ in the latest Gardener magazine that I really like the idea of………

1. The heat is making the Crocus go over quickly but they are so beautiful.

2. The early flowering dwarf tulips have shot up this week. In one of the big pots they’re open before the majority of the crocus. Madness.


3. Chaenomeles ‘Knapp Hill Scarlett’ has been flowering for a few weeks now and has now been joined by Chaenomeles ‘I forgot to look at the label before we left for Falmouth’.  I only planted it last summer but it took the heat and drought well. It’s a softer colour and I’ll train it across the fence panel.


4. The common Pulmonaria officinalis flowers are starting to appear. I love the pink and mauve flowers on the same plant. There’s a lot of Allium christophii seedlings in this area. It seems wrong somehow to pull them up but there’s a limit to how many are needed in a border.  I also have P. ‘Sissinghurst White’ but there’s no sign of a flower yet.


5. Euphorbia flower heads are unfurling.


6. It’s definitely spring in this little corner. These Narcissi are under a Hydrangea and the emerging silvery leaves are Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’. There’s another Pulmonaria and on the left is Heuchera ‘Lime Marmalade’. I love this time of year.


Enjoy your weekend and keep looking back at our host’s website at       to see all of the other Sixes.



12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 23/02/19”

  1. The tulips are astonishingly early! I planted some species ones a few years ago but they failed to come back last year so I guess they have probably rotted away. They were under the hazel tree and get little winter sunshine. Like you I love this time of year when the garden starts to awake. Be interested to know if you get to Tremenheere and what it is like at this time of the year.

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    1. We did get to Tremenheere on Saturday. I’ve not been before and I loved it. A few of the Rhododendrons were just starting to show colour so it will look even better in a few weeks time.I also went home with a few plants from Surreal Succulents!

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