Six on Saturday 26/01/19

When I got home from work last Saturday I realised that I’d forgotten to take pictures for my Six. Having done my penance I am rejoining this week!

We’ve had a few nights this week where the temperature has dipped below zero. I’m hoping it might have killed off a few of the greenfly that seem to be thriving in the garden. I dread to think what the numbers will be like in the summer if it doesn’t.

  1. My garden is mainly on the side and forward of the house and this has given me the opportunity to put some wooden arches (probably too grand a word) in to divide it in to areas. Eventually, however, the wooden posts rot in the ground. I’ve managed to prop up one of the posts for a couple of extra years but it had finally started to keel over. Luckily the plants kept it partially upright. A couple of weeks ago I cut back the plants and, with help, removed the posts. It was interesting to see the ‘view’ through without the arch and I think the N-G was hoping that I’d prefer it. Wrong! Apart from anything else it would cut down on my plant growing area.



2. I decided this was an opportunity to ring the changes and removed some of the older plants. the small bed beyond the trellis had Dahlias for cutting. I’ve dug them up and will put them in the main border in the spring. I want to add some height along the fence to screen/hide next door.


3. Although not my favourite plant these Bergenias came from my Dad’s garden. I have to go through the leaves quite frequently as they are always full of snails. The flower spikes are a welcome shot of colour at this time of year. I also had a much better form but it didn’t survive whereas this one seems indestructible.

img_49194. While clearing leaves and starting to cut back in the main border I discovered that the Chionodoxa were starting to emerge. The flowers seem to open within hours of emerging and the leaves follow on after.

img_4917 5. The Euphorbia flower stems are starting to rise and unfurl. This one is E. x martini ‘Ascot Rainbow’

img_49186. And finally, Chaenomeles x superba ‘Knap Hill Scarlet’. I planted this a couple of years ago. It shares some trellis with Clematis tangutica ‘Bill McKenzie’ and a summer flowering Clematis whose name escapes me today. They form a screen in front of the composting area.

img_4916No work this weekend (yippee!) so I’m planning on some time in the garden. I’ve still a lot of clearing to do in the main border. I clear it in stages through the winter rather than in one fell swoop.

Have a good weekend and enjoy all the other Sixes courtesy of our host

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 26/01/19”

    1. The N-G didn’t want to dig the lumps of concrete out that held the original posts in place (neither did I!). This arch stands either side of said concrete lumps and having four legs is more stable and so doesn’t need concreting in.


  1. Already Chionodoxa !! You’re ahead of mine … I checked the growth yesterday and nothing on the horizon … not even a leaf …it’s the same for the euphorbia martinii that I also grow: another month to wait in my opinion

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      1. I was wondering if it was early for you. We don’t see that kind of growth until March and are in the depths of winter now. I was becoming very jealous and thinking I live in the wrong place.

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  2. I like your arch and trellis. Have you considered painting it? I can’t remember which SoS gardener I commented on but I loved their blueish trellis. It looked stunning!

    Love the The Euphorbia E. x martini ‘Ascot Rainbow’. IT’s so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

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