Six on Saturday 29/12/18

We arrived back from Christmas with family in Belfast late last night so I had to wait until this morning to have a quick look around the garden and in the glasshouse to make sure that everything was alright. It was. It’s amazing how much things change in a week, even at this time of year, especially as it’s been so mild. I couldn’t let the last Saturday of 2018 go by without doing a Six so, as I did my patrol this morning I quickly took some pictures of plant activity. Some are a bit blurry as it’s quite breezy today.

1. Despite a cold snap a while ago the Clematis seem intent on putting out new growth. It’s a shame really as I grow mostly viticella types which have a hard chop in February /March so most of the growth will be removed

2. It’s taken years but I’ve got some good clumps of snowdrops around the garden, mostly near the house so that I can see them. They’ve come up through the mulch in my absence and some are showing white already.

3. Above these snowdrops is a Garrya elliptica ‘James Roof’. The catkins are really elongating now. Sadly it blew off of the fence earlier in the year and hasn’t really gone back so I’m going to prune it quite hard in the spring to encourage new vertical growth


4. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I’d grown Eccremocarpus scaber from seed this year and that it hadn’t done much this summer but was having a late burst of growth. It’s now flowering! Okay, it’s just one flower but a great colour at this time of year.


5. I’ve four different Hesperantha coccinea varieties in the garden. Two are having a late flower.

6. The climbing roses grow on posts and ropes at the front of the house. I deadhead quite thoroughly to keep them flowering and then leave the late flowers to, hopefully, make hips. R. ‘White Swan’ still has the odd pure white (not cream as the picture suggests) flower on it alongside the slowly ripening hips of all of the roses.


BE5B076B-0BC0-4F60-9B1E-99910ED391F9So that’s my final Six for the year. Thank you for looking at them and thank you to our host ( for this wonderful idea of his. I’ve learnt so much and had a lot of helpful comments and ideas over the 14+ months I’ve been participating. Wishing you all a very happy, successful and peaceful new year.




15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 29/12/18”

  1. Those snowdrops have me anticipating spring. Mine are far, far behind. Your rosehips have me eager to make a pot of tea from my own this morning. I like to dry them then grind to a powder (just the hips from rugosa). Do you have plans for yours?

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  2. i am jealous of your hesperantha, i have some grown from seed in their 3rd year, no sign of flowers. Next year I hope! i like your idea of using posts and ropes for the climbing roses, I could do something similar along the line of my path. Happy New Year!

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    1. It was a way of increasing front boundary height without it being solid. Been in several years now. One of the posts has rotted so need to talk nicely to the Non-Gardener. Not his favourite job. Happy Gardening wishes for 2019


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