Six on Saturday 22/12/18

It’s been an incredibly wet week here along with some high winds. The garden is absolutely water-logged so all I’ve done this week is walk down to the glasshouse and back again each morning and evening. This means that it’s a bit of a rushed Six, quickly photographed between the downpours.

1. The continuing saga of trying to keep cuttings and over-wintering plants a little bit warmer in my unheated glasshouse. I’ve written about this in the last two Sixes. For years I’ve just thrown fleece over the pots when it was forecast to be cold and crossed my fingers. This year I treated myself to a digital max/min thermometer with two readings. Suddenly, I knew how cold it was getting! Ignorance is bliss sometimes. With the help of the Non-Gardener I’ve tried Celotex insulation sheet under the pots (didn’t work at all) and over the pots (slightly better, but not enough of a difference for the inconvenience of storing the bulky Celotex in the daytime). So time for Mark III. I now have a glasshouse with power!!!


2. After a hideous experience with a clump-forming bamboo that made a bid for freedom a few years ago I’m very wary of them. This dwarf one has been kept in a pot for several years and that is where it is going to stay ( I do repot it each spring!). It might feature again next year when it’s looking at its best as opposed to winding down for the winter.


3. I’m still moving the more tender plants into the glasshouse. Some of them are still flowering and it seemed a shame to cut them down to fit them in so I stood them in a sheltered corner. Salvia corrugata is still looking good


4. Lonicera fragrantissima has just started to flower. The fragrance of these tiny little flowers more than makes up for this shrubs understatedness (is that a word?) the rest of the year


5. Uncinia rubra ‘Everflame’. This is in a pot on the patio for the winter, it looked lovely the other day with frosted leaves. It’s underplanted withh Crocus. I’ll plant it in the garden in the spring. The robin is another cane topper, found at a Christmas market. It’s a shame I didn’t get round to painting the back door surround.


6. As I ran for the house because the rain had started again I spotted this Cyclamen having a final fling


That’s my pre-Christmas Six. I have to look a little harder but there’s still quite a lot going on in the garden at this time of year, even in a little one.

It’s an Irish Christmas for us this year so no gardening for me for a while. I will, however, be doing some virtual gardening by checking in on all of the Sixes over the festive period at

. Best wishes to all Sixers



11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 22/12/18”

  1. That Salvia’s foliage looks rather like Japanese knotweed!! Meanwhile, I notice all the things that need to be done when I look at my photos. This week it is the table that needs to be rubbbed down and revarnished rather than flowerbeds that need to be weeded! Have a good Christmas.


  2. Congratulations on getting the greenhouse heater installed- it’s sure to make life easier. I like your variegated bamboo which I don’t think I’ve seen before.

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  3. It‘s a very good solution to have power now for a heater in your greenhouse. How is the temperature setting ? It’s in my dreams but I can’t imagine the bill in a few months…. I should first isolate the glasshouse so as not to lose heat from inside. Merry Christmas To You!

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    1. The Non-Gardener had an 80W tube heater that he has fixed so that it hangs below the (wooden) staging. It shouldn’t cost more than a lightbulb to run. I will still put fleece over the plants at night to trap the heat. I’ll keep you posted.
      Have a lovely Christmas with your family

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