Six on Saturday 22/09/18

It’s been a rough couple of days for the plants in the garden as high winds from back to back storms have gone through. Even the large pots have been blowing over causing quite a lot of damage to the contents. I’ve dragged a few pots and the hanging baskets into the glasshouse to give them a bit of respite. Luckily, I’d cleared out the tomato and pepper plants the other day! The freezer contents grew considerably. Here’s this week’s six from my garden, photographed between gusts.

1. Last winter a friend gave me a cutting of a ‘climbing geranium’ and I overwintered it on a window sill. It grew straight up and so when I repotted it in the spring I pinched the top out (and rooted it of course). They’ve both grown steadily through the summer and branched out really well. I made frameworks from bamboo canes to tie them on to but didn’t realise how large they would grow.   This is the original plant, currently sheltering in the glasshouse. It’s now five foot tall and the other one isn’t a lot shorter. Has anyone grown one of these? Do I cut it down to overwinter it or leave it this height? I’ve taken cuttings as insurance (not really sure why as I’m not that keen on the flower colour!) so what will I do with half a dozen triffid geraniums!


All this growth has come from just one stem.


2. This is the third of four varieties of Hesperantha that I have. It’s H. coccinea ‘Mrs. Hegarty’. It’s normally a lot taller so I think the lack of water and extreme heat has had an effect.


3. This is a new addition to the border this year – Helenium autumnale ‘Short and Sassy’. I’m really pleased with it. The wind has split the plant a bit, hence the stakes.

7EB3F84C-81BD-44E9-9847-B6A13EC56E204. I’ve started sorting out ‘problem’ areas in the borders. This is a dry spot that gets a lot of sun. The new occupants are Hylotelphium ‘Red Globe’ and Pennisetum setaceum ‘Sky Rocket’.

65852E76-0708-49BD-9526-8DE5B8D9340DThe emerging flower spikes of the Pennisetum are a beautiful pinkish-red colour


5. It’s not been a great year for my Clematis but they’ve struggled through and a few are putting on a late show. This C. viticella ‘Etoile Violette’ shares an obelisk with a dwarf Humulus lupus. I grew a non dwarf variety for several years and this one isn’t really much smaller.

6AB69EC4-F546-455C-98F2-D25EB1B25FD56. And finally, another new to the garden daisy – Rudbeckia hirta ‘Prairie Sun’. I love the green cones. It makes a colourful corner growing with Penstemon ‘Garnet’ and Fuchsia ‘Tom West’.

2D64B5CF-DBF8-4226-9F4E-AEA49ABE28BAIt’s a working weekend combined with a very wet forecast so I don’t think there will be much gardening done but there’s the seed catalogues to read and plans to make. Thanks for reading about my Six and don’t forget to check out the other Sixes at

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 22/09/18”

  1. I guess your Geranium is an Antik variety, not actually climbing but tall growing so needs some tying into a cane or trellis for support. Antiks are evergreen so all you need to do is prune it lightly to shape (softwood cuttings will root easily as you know!). It needs frost protection over winter and a large enough pot for its roots – many plants die simply because there isn’t enough room for root growth. Mix a fair bit of sharp sand into the compost for drainage and then water *lightly* through the winter. It can go outside for the summer and, if you prune carefully (and deadhead like mad) you will get flowers from side shoots all the way up the plant. Pinch out the tip to help it bush out and keep it down to size – a metre to metre-and-a-half is about right. If you don’t like that colour, Antiks also come in orange, salmon and violet though you’ll probably need to look online for them. Have fun.

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  2. I love that Helenium which I’ve only learnt about this year since reading NH blogs. It’s quite difficult to source here. The Rudbeckia is a nice bright flower too.

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  3. Your helenium are beautiful! With this light, the yellow shines so much … about the “climbing” pelargonium, I grow something very similar. The stems break like glass and must be attached. I prune mine in the early spring and add a new soil and compost. I overwinter it in my attic at 10 ° C (after cutting all the flowers that will dry anyway). Yours is superb!

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  4. My hespyrantha have also performed less than normal – less than yours as well. At least they survived the drought. Both your helenium & rudbeckia are fantastic. Like yourself, I really love the latter’s green centres. Do the flowers of the sky rocket stay pink? And last but not least, love the new quilt up top. Both the prints you chose & the geometric shapes escaping the border give it a 3D effect. Lovely work.

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