Six on Saturday 28/07/18

Another dry week in my garden. We’ve had, literally, a few spots but rain is forecast for today and tomorrow so fingers crossed! As long as you don’t look too closely though the garden is fairly colourful and fairly full. I’m starting to get my list of jobs for the autumn together, what to move/replace etc and all the bulb catalogues are coming through the door to add to the fun. Watering is taking a LOT of my time in the evenings and as the flowers are going over so quickly there’s a lot of dead heading to do as well. Talk of watering leads me nicely in to my first Six this week

1. Having an automatic watering system in the greenhouse and for part of the patio has certainly taken a little pressure off, especially when I’ve been away. The non gardener spotted this at the Malvern Spring Show. It’s a solar powered system that draws water from a rain butt, so can be positioned just about anywhere. The problem for me with other systems has always been the inability to connect to the mains. We bought one and it worked so well in the greenhouse that I sent away for a second. I may well invest in the larger system next year and do all the pots on the patio. The only drawback has been that with no rain I’ve had to fill the water butts up with the hose.

B97E191A-8BD4-4D37-947B-1E1A86CD6E972 and 3. I grew some dwarf sunflowers last year that were very successful in the borders. Of course, when it came to seed ordering time I couldn’t remember the variety! This time I bought ‘Wahoo’ (who names these plants!) from Sutton’s and had a free pack of  ‘Valentine’ (not so dwarf) as well. ‘Valentine’ germinated well but a lot have succumbed to the drought. The survivors are in the front garden where they now have to fend for themselves and are a bit skinny. I like the paler colour but they’re all either facing the house (north) or the hedge (east)!

123554F0-EAD5-4082-89E1-AB2ADAFAA28AEFC20512-F14A-42FE-9CE0-D6A0E0708367Sadly, only one of nine seeds of ‘Wahoo’ germinated but what a plant. It’s remained in a pot on the patio.

10CA0DF8-9393-4F55-B49F-63C394C213A5A9226938-F2A3-41E2-A4EC-190BAAA18DD8C1B73BEF-5789-45B3-BBA2-C2C4BAE22EC84. I’ve several Clematis viticella ‘Etoile Violette’ and this one scrambles up through several boundary shrubs. It’s reaching new heights this year.

7754A1A2-6F05-4BAE-97E6-5B7E48CBF4505. Lobelia cardinalis ‘Victoria’. I overwintered a plant of this and in the spring was going to plant it out in the border but decided to split it into a couple of pots. Given the weather, I’m so glad that I did as I’ve been able to keep them well watered. The combination of the dark leaves and the vibrantly coloured flower is not to everyone’s taste.

2C1E8E4D-BF2C-4B57-B101-32447FB8C5FDThis potful is stood under the Clematis in the previous photo. Mildew can be seen on the Clematis flowers sadly.

6. I found this Honeysuckle as a seedling in the garden when we moved in. I restart it every now and then. It flowers prolifically, has a wonderful scent and then has these glossy red berries that the birds aren’t too fussy about. A lot of them germinate in the gravel below though.

72CF2DD1-5DF3-4B4D-A58E-454F151D5F28Have a great week in your garden and don’t forget to keep checking back to our host’s site at to see what everyone else is up to

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 28/07/18”

  1. Very beautiful sunflowers! I love them and since the time I say that I will grow them, I have to do it next year! Your watering system is interesting, especially because it doesn’t use power. Mine is on right now and I just need to change the 9V battery once a year (for use from June to September)

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  2. Your sunflowers turning their backs on the world, that really cracks me up. The pale yellow of Valentine is quite beautiful, too altho your wahoo is a stunner. Like its dwarf bushiness. Victoria has been a fav of mine for a long time, & am surprised that you’ve met folk who don’t like it. A good thing we all have differing tastes, or there wouldn’t be so many flowers to choose from. I’ve been deadheading my honeysuckle to get more blooms, but seeing your berries, I think I’ll stop for the rest of the summer. Hope it’s not too late!

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