Six on Saturday 21/07/18

Still no rain! The lack of it is really taking its toll on the borders now. It’s funny how some of the weeds still manage to thrive though. I’ve been consigning some of the annuals that aren’t going to come to anything due to the conditions to the compost bin. Still, on a more positive note, here is this weeks Six from my garden.

1. Earlier in the year I bought a bargain priced collection of perennial plants. Having grown them on, a lot went to our daughters garden but I couldn’t resist keeping some. I’ve never had much luck with Delphiniums as the slimy beasts usually eat them before they get a chance to grow upwards but I’m really pleased with these. I have regularly watered them to give them a chance.


54FFAE69-00C7-4AF9-802F-FC44E2F698E116A2FA50-9F2A-4DB6-8E70-F26E1C7831E5F8F63C61-45DB-4B5C-8BBD-2D13044FD69A6078F173-A175-4D80-BC9B-1808FD453F462. The pots of Oriental Lillies are doing alright, although I found a Lily Beetle yesterday. There haven’t been any for weeks so I’m guessing it’s the next generation? I’ll be checking the pots every day again. The writing on the label in the pot has vanished so the variety is unknown.

2120268D-7B8E-4855-ABF0-1CD9496D085F363ACE38-40E1-4535-829E-41BC4BD4301B3. Kniphofia ‘Timothy’ is a little daintier than some and the flowers positively glow in the sunlight. If only these clouds had some rain in!

385A194D-56CC-4F58-966F-C9739E7EE0B04. Can anyone identify this fern for me? It’s slow growing (very) and isn’t very happy this year, being so dry. I don’t remember the sorus on the reverse of the leaves being so distinct.

186C7B67-0004-47D4-8CCB-5290158F29C8D328B63E-BF63-4916-B804-2AB44516DDE75. I’ve grown Ipomoea ‘Heavenly Blue’ and I. ‘Crimson Rambler’ from seed. ‘Crimson Rambler’ is going great guns, loads of great big leaves and the flowers have started to appear. They’re not as pink as they look in the picture.


‘Heavenly Blue’ isn’t anyway near as vigorous sadly but when the flowers appear the colour is stunning. One for a future Six, hopefully.

6. Francoa sonchicolia is enjoying the hot dry weather. The flowers are going over quickly though.


That’s my six for this week. I’m going away for a few days so am off to gather up the pots and stand them in large trays full of water and will keep my fingers crossed until my return.

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17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 21/07/18”

    1. Thanks for the fern suggestion Fred but the fronds aren’t as divided as the Polypodium pictures look. Someone has suggested Dryopteris sieboldii and that seems to be right when I googled it. Mine is struggling this year, it’s only about half the usual size so I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

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  1. The Kniphofia is a pretty shade. I dislike them as they go so brown at the bottom whilst still flowering at the top, but these don’t look too bad. I have found flowers aren’t lasting long at all this summer – I guess they are eager to set seed whilst they can. My Penstemons usually flower for ages and well into late autumn, but I am already cutting off the dead spikes. Maybe there will be renewed growth if we get some rain.

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  2. I’m not quite sure why I don’t grow Francoa, whenever I see it I want to have one. The fern is Dryopteris sieboldii I believe. Mine doesn’t have the scalloped edge, is the leaf at the right of the picture the same plant? Maybe that’s what fertile fronds do.

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    1. Thanks Jim, I’ve looked the Dryopteris up and that’s it. Label swiftly written. The leaves in the photo are all from the same plant. The plant is a bit sparse this year. Although it’s in a fairly shady spot I think it’s just getting more sun than it’s used to and, of course, no rain.


  3. The delphiniums are very special. I tried growing some here, but the climate is quite wrong for them, so I’ll just enjoy yours!

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