Six on Saturday 14/07/18

Another week with no rain. Well, there was a tiny little shower on Thursday morning but I don’t think it counts as rainfall. I’m going for a positive Six though, ignoring the wilting Hydrangeas, Phlox etc, the annuals consigned to the compost and the other sad things.

1. We spent a few days in Pembrokeshire and I persuaded the non-gardener to visit the National Botanic Garden of Wales. I went a few years ago and it’s definitely filled out and matured since then. The domed glasshouse is amazing. It’s the largest single-span glasshouse in the world, apparently. Hoping it wouldn’t be too hot early in the day we went straight there. It was still somewhat warm!! but well worth it. The Proteas were incredible.


07F52389-AEAA-4CDD-A2DF-1D50A22F4D43655A9A6A-C421-4363-8D13-A6E23225F8632DA32627-861F-46A2-B184-D94529B595632. Back to my garden, the Clematis seem to either have die back of stems or else to be thriving. This C. viticella Etoile Violette (I’ve a couple around the garden) is doing well despite being under the Birch.

6B96B1B6-E44C-4DDC-B2AC-5882218184293. I returned from Wales to the first lily flowers opening. I wasn’t going to grow them any more due to the red devils but……. This is Tom Pouce and the beetles don’t seem to be quite so keen on him


4. The Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Early Sunrise’ have erupted into a glorious patch of yellow sunshine

A03A9B56-1786-4B5E-9F06-535558DE6EAC5. When I went to the RHS Malvern Spring Show I bought some Zantedeschia rhizomes, including ‘Mango’. In about eight weeks it’s gone from this

EAB46B55-0BCD-4F34-9D9F-A17EEED63974to this

F1BD4A5C-29FD-44F1-959A-7649F5BB5229I love that some parts can’t decide whether to be a leaf or a spathe

6. Pennisetum ‘Purple Majesty’ seems to have flowered before gaining any great height this year (the photo angle makes it look taller than it is). It’s a great colour though.

80098175-A448-461F-9D41-E64B7AB14F0D6a. I missed last week’s Six, it was Friday then in a flash it was Sunday! I blame work. I’ve said my Hail Marys and so I believe I can sneak in one more picture (I’m sure I read it somewhere in the rules) – it’s rather small but my first ladybird! I hope it’s friends arrive quickly as it’s got a lot of eating to do.

54B3F758-9073-4B0F-B344-E8E71AC60F77Thanks for looking at my Six, don’t forget to check back to our host’s site as more Sixes are added

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 14/07/18”

  1. Beautiful pictures but my stand out favourite is that lovely picture of the clematis in the dappled light beneath the silver birch. (I find you can get away with more than six if you bunch a few together under the same heading. I don’t think Mr P has noticed yet.)

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  2. Tom Pouce is gorgeous, and I’m not even a lily person! The seedbeds combined with the Purple Majesty make that photo shine. Also, I’m late to comment here because I finally figured out that when I clicked on your name on various comments, it took me to “First blog post” entry on your site from 2017… Took me until now to realize I should scroll down to your most recent post. Maybe you have that first post as a featured item, and others might be missing out on your newer entries?

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  3. My response to every photo was, wow . . . the botanical garden, the clematis photo, lilies immune to Red Devils . . . I’ve never seen a penstamon look like that & your lady bug is very cute, too. But the calla . . . oh, I don’t know what my fav photo is – I loved them all! Inspiration for next year.

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