Six on Saturday 23/06/18

It’s been a windy week here and that has highlighted all of the plants that still needed staking. I thought I’d been quite proactive on the staking front but obviously not. Sadly no rain and I’ve given in and filled all of the water butts with the hose as there’s none forecast for the foreseeable future. I was hoping not to have to do this as the automatic watering systems (greenhouse and baskets and some of the pots on the patio) run from the water butts and we have very hard water here. Needs must and all that! I was talking to someone yesterday who said that they’d had days of rain in their garden outside of Cardiff. It’s just across the Severn from me – so near but so different. On a very plus side though, the garden is really getting it’s summer gladrags on and the sun is shining this morning. Perfect timing for another Six.

1. When the half hardy plants were all gathered together ready for planting out I randomly stood Ricinus communis next to a Salvia that I had bought at the Malvern Spring Show. As the Salvia flowers opened I thought they made a perfect match and so they’ve gone into a pot together. The Salvia is ‘Strawberries and Cream’. I’d be a bit worried if my strawberries were this colour though.

D1DC0B6D-9856-47C4-88B7-AB68A23DC7D62. Many years ago a friend scattered some seeds of Papaver somniferum in my garden – they’ve been coming up ever since. The more desirable colours have faded away over time and I mostly get these pink ones. The young glaucous foliage sets the flowers off perfectly. I remove most seed heads before the contents ripen to try and keep the numbers down.

5C9AF646-FB5E-4871-86B5-736E16E35C59BC3E3703-3F0A-4364-AB0F-D562E91418EA3. The Dahlias are having a hard time with lack of water and an abundance of slugs, snails and black fly. Last year one of them never made it into the ground and spent the summer on the patio. Most of my Dahlias fall into the red/pink/white category so, as this one has dark leaves and orangy flowers, it was at home with the other pots. I decided to do the same this year but have also put a dripper from the watering system into the pot. What a difference regular watering makes! I bought the tuber as ‘Chocolate & Candy’. The foliage fits on-line pictures but the flower doesn’t!

30A9D8D2-F354-436B-8117-50CA86CAA3ED4. Several years ago I grew Clematis integrifolia from seed. Only one plant survived and it grows up through a small obelisk and looks beautiful every year. It’s got a bit of a battle on its hands this year as I planted Geranium ‘Ann Thompson’ next to it. I expected this Geranium to sprawl around the Clematis and neighbours but it’s going for the stars instead.

FEE876F6-5F47-4BFF-B99B-BA2AE1AA2050B97F1323-17D0-41CE-8C65-41EEC248B8315. Another Clematis – viticella ‘Ville De Lyon’. This is planted near, and grows up through, Amelanchier lamarckii ‘Ballerina’. The leaves and flowers are a lot smaller this year, lack of wet stuff I’m guessing.

F963230A-D5F1-480C-8265-37DD057B8B006.  Small pincushion and large pincushion – Astrantia ‘Hadspen Blood’ and Allium christophii. Again, the Astrantia seems smaller than usual.


Thanks to our host for having this Six idea. It’s become a much anticipated part of the week now. Check out the other Sixes at

6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 23/06/18”

  1. Lovely Six. #5 looks almost oriental with that interesting bark behind it. I agree, Fridays set a challenge to produce decent photos to display on a Saturday! Most enjoyable and makes me look at my garden more carefully, however, if I try to read them all, I don’t have time for all the work that needs to be done outside!

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  2. Nice colors in your Six. I like Clematis integrifolia and also the seed heads of poppies. I have them too and it’s really nice to enjoy the flowers and after the blooming, there is still an aesthetic interest thanks to the seed heads …


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