Six on Saturday 09/06/18

I think you can just about see the plants growing at this time of year. Every day there’s something new to see, a shoot, a flower (ignore the greenfly, blackfly, lily beetles, caterpillars, slugs and snails). I’ve just about planted out all of the plants that I’ve grown/bought – well, apart from the couple that I bought the other day at a local nursery and the ones that I’m growing on in pots to replace ones that the slugs and snails have eaten……..

Saturdays seem to come around so quickly and it’s time for another six already.

1. The roses on the ropes and posts at the front of the house are just about at their peak. They’re all David Austin English Roses, Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’, Rosa ‘Snow Goose’ and Rosa ‘Crown Princess Margareta’. The scent in the evening is wonderful. I planted Clematis varieties with them but it gets very dry at the roots and only one has survived. It more than makes up for the others though with its exuberance.

DD1C2CB9-DB88-47CD-B040-EA500DCEAC17On the house side one of the ‘Graham Thomas’ has fallen off of the ropes and is swamping the plants underneath!

21266358-9150-45C2-971C-AB29105EAF582. Another Clematis (viticella ‘Margot Koster’) this time with a honeysuckle (variety unknown). Margot K is flowering very early this year. This honeysuckle gets attacked by greenfly EVERY year just before flowering. I wash as many off as I can with a hose. It flowers again later in the summer as well.

C1731119-E2D6-4D29-8C32-F333B275AF713. This honeysuckle, however, doesn’t seem to get greenfly at all. I was given an unnamed cutting and told it was highly scented but I beg to differ. The bees love it though. Can anyone identify it? Is it tellmanniana?

6964BF39-CD4D-4589-953B-1E0A83A204AE4. The Geraniums are in full swing, I wish I had room for more. This is Geranium palmatum, also known as the Canary Island Geranium. Although it’s supposed to be hardy it doesn’t reliably survive the winter for me and so I grow it in a pot and move it into the glasshouse for the winter.

2623E205-AE9F-4724-90A0-720CA4E9D53A5. I used to grow Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’ but it can get a little overpowering in the border so when I saw that ‘Ann Thompson’ was an offspring that was a bit more restrained I bought one. However, I don’t think this is ‘Ann T’. It’s upright! It seems quite similar to G. Psilostemon, which I also have.

ADF6557F-B25B-4E92-9DA5-D800226323E96. I needed a plant to grow in a large pot on the side of the house where the wind funnels through. Not asking too much! So far, Sambuccus nigra ‘Black Lace’ is doing well in this situation. I love the pink flowers with the dark leaves.

7DE0DB0B-5176-4823-8006-9FD09BF1D44BSo that’s another week and another Six. Don’t forget to keep checking in at to see what other Sixers are up to.

25 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 09/06/18”

  1. Lovely pictures ! Yours roses are gorgeous .
    I think we all have aphids, slugs, snails .. but this year is the worst I suppose. How many seedlings and young plants have already been lost … and the battle is just beginning..

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    1. It does feel like a war at times. My compassion for the animal kingdom is being sorely tested. But as the non-gardener reminded me, it’s easy to focus in on what’s gone wrong and miss everything that’s thriving and looking lovely

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  2. Your roses look lovely! As does the clematis and honeysuckle. I have a honeysuckle, but no flowers as yet. In fact I have only noticed a few flowers in previous years and all at the top of the plant! I was amused by your remark “apart from the couple that I bought the other day at a local nursery and the ones that I’m growing on in pots to replace ones that the slugs and snails have eaten……..”

    I have decided that anything that the S&S like will NOT be replanted in my garden.

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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  3. I planted Ann Folkard in a difficult spot, hoping it’s vigour would see it through; it’s not really taken off yet. Our Geranium palmatums produce scores of seedlings so I never worry about losing the big ones. I sometimes remember to collect seed too.

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  4. Your roses look incredible! How old are they?
    I’ve resorted to buying ladybirds online as I’m so fed up with all the aphids this year attacking my lupins! I think many ladybirds must have been killed off in the late cold spell.

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      1. They look incredible. I haven’t pruned my rambler this year as I only put it in last year but i’ll Prune it next spring.
        My ladybirds came via post Friday! Funnily enough I have seen larvae all over the place now!

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  5. The fragrance in that front garden must knock your socks off! Beautiful. I’m a fan of the black lace elderberry and am looking at other varieties to add here — perhaps one called ‘Black Beauty.’

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  6. Your roses are lovely. Geranium ‘Anne Thomson’ has a smaller flower than G. psilostemon, or ‘Anne Folkard’ and is more cupped. It is less sprawl than AF, and less tall than G.p, but makes a nice full mound. It doesn’t set seed so flowers continuously to December. I LOVE it. So much so that I wrote a post about it (and my other favourite geraniums).


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