Six on Saturday 24/03/18

The week started with more snow, just as the garden was beginning to recover from the last lot. I’m fairly sure things will be alright in the long term but a lot of new shoots and growth have been badly hit, sadly. We’re very out of practice for snow here. Between weather and work I haven’t managed any time in the garden this week, just down to the glasshouse to take the fleece off in the morning and put it back on in the evening. Day off tomorrow though!! SEED SOWING time. I took six quick photos this morning on my way out, including one tragedy!

1. I bought this Polyanthus last year, it’s bright but not too garish. The label just said Oak-Leaf Polyanthus.


2. Another of my autumn planted pots. The bulbs obviously didn’t read the packets as the narcissi should have flowered before the tulips.

98A89B70-9A95-4E7D-BE4C-CBEAAFB1EEE03. I must have had these Hyacinths indoors several years ago and then planted them outside. My non-gardener doesn’t like the smell of them.  I don’t remember seeing them at all in the border last year.902C4344-6357-433F-B5A8-B2A30B1F7EDA4. I’ve built up a collection of large Alliums in the main border and I usually cut a couple of seed heads to dry and have indoors leaving the rest in situ until they start to break up in the winter. However, I seem to have an outbreak of seedlings coming up everywhere. It seems wrong to remove them but between them and forget-me- nots the ground is disappearing

8456BD10-A2B4-4F66-9187-B3C63AB6AD2C5. I can’t finish my Six with a disaster so it’s at number five. I planted the early flowering Clematis koreana ‘Brunette’ early last spring to cover a new piece of trellis and it grew really well flowering on and off all through the summer. Around it is a clump of the beautiful white Anemone japonica ‘Honorine Jobert’. A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d better cut the Anemones down as they were spreading further than their allotted space and needed sorting. You’ve no doubt guessed what happened. A whole year lost!

104EE240-62C6-48E9-B374-3551D08A678A6. After admiring Fred the French Gardener’s photos I bought myself a macro lens for my iphone. Thanks for the link Fred. It was a bit windy this morning for close ups but I managed this one.

5F4CF358-F3E0-4B39-98E7-9AAB62F89AADIt’s a Hellebore. Reminds me of an (underwater) anemone.

Thats my Six for this week. Looking forward to my extra hour of gardening time tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 24/03/18”

  1. I’m glad you found your macro lens and you did it! Really beautiful photo this hellebore even if there was wind as you said. Sometimes I need to hold in my hand the flower I want to take. Otherwise the Polyanthus picture is wonderful too !

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  2. Stones are a good idea, as is the anemone at the base of a climber. My goodness, the ideas I steal from other folk. Like yourself, I’ve been enthralled w/Fred’s macro photography, but haven’t taken the plunge yet, only becuz so much else has my attention at the moment. You’ve learned the knack of a steady hand in a very short time. Have a good Sunday gardening.

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