Six on Saturday 10/03/18

After all the snow comes the rain! A rather soggy few days so outdoor gardening is a bit restricted this weekend. Plenty to do in the glasshouse though, mainly repotting overwintering plants. Most seem to have survived the very cold spell but some are looking a bit ropey. I managed to take some photos between the rain showers this morning so here are my six –

1. It’s the time of year when parcels containing little plants start to arrive. I try to resist every year! These Phlox paniculata were a ‘freebie’. Good roots so they should grow away well, hopefully. I’ve put them in pots in the coldframe for now.

BB59AB17-4E0D-42DD-BACB-78AD445ACD902. This clump of dwarf tulips come up every year. They’re sheltered behind a low wall but seem to be very early this year. The effect is slightly spoiled by the self-sown Heleborus foetidus seedling growing in the middle of them!

A144F98C-AC93-45D5-A961-44197ADA2F843. Clematis alpina ‘Francis Rivis’ grows by the front door. It only has a narrow strip of wall/trellis to grow up and faces north. It’s planted in a tiny bit of soil next to a gravelled part of the drive, maybe not ideal conditions. I don’t prune it and after about 15 years it was full of dead stems so……. three years ago I cut it to about six inches above the ground and gave it the talk. It sulked the first year and I thought I’d killed it then last year it started its ascent of the wall again and had a few flowers. It’s looking quite promising this year. Despite the snow the flowers have started to unfurl this week.

EF56AE05-EFDA-42EF-893D-4DD668ECFAF8 4. Pulmonaria seeds itself around the garden quite freely. It’s such a good value plant, looking good for most of the year. I’ve a couple of named varieties but they aren’t quite so advanced as this one which opened it’s first flowers this morning, despite the rain.

08619FF9-FD49-4ABA-AEF4-4932F6D993B35. The sun came out very briefly and these beautiful Crocus nearly opened.

E9184826-CD97-48CD-9210-D6A22644E05B6. Every day new shoots start appearing. These are Dicentra spectabilis growing beneath a Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’.

9AA8B9A6-C4D5-41AB-A030-E455FFA4B072That’s my six for this week, thanks for looking. Thanks also to our host for this great idea. Check out his and other Sixes at



14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 10/03/18”

  1. Lovely six, and I think those little Pickwick crocuses are very sweet. The dark leaves next to the tulips are a great colour combination.


  2. I sympathize with your tulip/Heleborus foetidus merger. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. I don’t want to disturb either plant when they’re actually blooming, and by the time they’ve died down, I forget about them. Perhaps a garden journal would help!?!

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