Six on Saturday 16/12/17

I managed to squeeze in an hour in the garden this afternoon but had to come in as I could no longer see anything! A head torch for the Christmas list?

It’s been a cold week here in North Somerset with several hard frosts and the last few bedding begonias and similar have finally succumbed. I went outside after this mornings frost had cleared to find todays six and have a mixed bag to share

1. Frosted leaves always look good. This is a foxglove. I gather up seedlings growing in the ‘wrong’ place, grow them on in a small area for the summer and then replant in the autumn. I have a lot of giddy plants in my garden.


2. I was given a rather sorry specimen of Mahonia a few years ago. It was labelled as ‘Pamela’ but I haven’t been able to find any reference to this variety. I suspect it’s pallida but if anyone has any other suggestions…….. It’s never flowered, was bare most of the way up and was growing so lopsidedly that I took the plunge at the beginning of last summer and cut it down to about six inches. This drastic action was followed by the usual pep talk, feed and mulch. It worked!  It just needs to flower now to secure it’s future but I can’t see any buds yet.


3. Talking of Mahonias – a recent acquisition is Mahonia eurybracteata subsp. ganpinensis ‘Soft Caress’. I’m all for proper names but really?

Anyway, the foliage is very different for a Mahonia, soft and almost fern like. I’m looking forward to seeing it grow and flower (it’s had the warning).


4. Any flowers at this time of year are a welcome sight and if they have a perfume then they’re definitely winners. Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ is one such shrub. It gets a bit big for my garden and so has regular thinning. To earn it’s place it supports a Clematis viticella ‘Etoile Violette’ in the summer. I cut this back in November so that the Viburnum can have it’s moment. It’s near the back door and the scent carries really well.

5. Another wonderfully scented flower is the very understated Lonicera fragrantissima. The flowers are tiny and appear on and off throughout the winter and early spring. It’s not a hugely attractive shrub for the rest of the year but more than makes up for it at this time of year.

0EDD0403-FC1A-4B05-AF6F-6153C0F6E1ED6. Having a small garden means that I like plants that grow upwards and am always on the lookout for supports. I found these at a local forestry timber yard. They were an end of season reduction and so three came home with me. They’re tucked into a sheltered corner for the winter and will go into a border in the spring

8F25E64C-BA6E-4091-A38D-FE973F7EC594That’s my six for this week. I don’t know if I’ll have enough to keep posting weekly but we’ll see how it goes.

Don’t forget to check out our host’s site at where you can check out all the other sixes.

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 16/12/17”

  1. The winter honeysuckle has now been added to my Plants Wanted list. The libernum/clematis combo intrigues me – do the clematis blooms rise to the outside of the libernum foliage? And love those plant supports. So gratifying, an end of season sale that has things you want in it.


  2. Love the plant supports too. Making willow supports like those are part of my Great Winter Interest Plans. Problem is, I need to grow the canes first. so far my willow cuttings are two feet tall. Ah well

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