Six on Saturday 9/12/17

Doing this blog really focuses my attention on what is happening in my garden. It’s going to get tougher as the winter weeks go by.

1. I was so pleased with myself as by the end of last weekend I had finally managed to plant all of the bulbs. The last few stragglers went into pots, to be positioned  in the spring. And then these arrived!!!

B8AC0C00-AB39-4AEA-8815-637FC7AAB9FEIrresistible Alliums from the Parkers sale. Plus a free bag of mixed daffodils. I’m not a fan of mixed bulbs but, unless I can find a good home for them, I guess they’ll end up in pots. I no longer plant tall daffodils in my borders as it’s quite windy here and they tend to end up flattened and they have too many leaves that take too long to die back. The shorter ones get covered up by the herbaceous plants as they come up.

2. More work! I told myself that I wasn’t to buy anything that could only live in a pot and that wasn’t fully hardy. Then I saw this Musa acuminata ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ and developed temporary amnesia. I don’t heat my greenhouse, just rely on lots of fleece, and so it’ll have to live in the corner of the conservatory for the winter

09FB58D6-EF15-4768-B175-2AA225346E443. A lot of the seed heads are looking a bit bedraggled after the windy weather this week but the Japanese anemones are still looking good. This one is ‘Hadspen’s Abundance’ and is quite prolific. I bought it at Hadspen Garden many years ago. A few years ago I pulled the fluffy seeds from a couple of seed heads, laid them on a pot of compost, covered them with gravel and left them in the coldframe for the winter. Come the spring there were dozens of little green shoots. I grew some on to flowering size (two years I think) . They were alright but nothing special.  I’ve kept a couple though as they’re ‘mine’.

71CD3B87-0B58-4B67-8B75-B03BE9B87FC8 4. I’ve featured this Begonia before but can’t believe how good it’s still looking considering the frosts that we’ve had. The leaves are not as red as they were but are still handsome. I was going to put it in the greenhouse to see if it would overwinter but…….


5. Years ago I visited a garden in the depths of winter and fell in love with the leaves of Arum italicum pictum. I was given a small clump which I duly planted. Once the leaves start to look tatty in the spring I just pull them and the spathes off. However, seedlings are now appearing all over the garden and it’s beginning to become a pest. And how do the little tubers get so far down in the soil? Whilst googleing to check that it is indeed a tuber I see that the name has changed to Arum italicum subsp. italicum ‘Marmoratum’.

A13A3282-BFBC-4D61-B44F-8DC8A01BE6566. Several Clematis are still flowering. I usually cut mine back by about half at this time of year to tidy them up a bit and then give them the proper prune in early spring but can’t bear to do it yet

11F08FD7-F9F5-4CAA-B9ED-0F6811770CE3That’s my six. Thanks for looking at them and thanks to our host

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 9/12/17”

  1. I succumbed to the same bulb sale so dealt w/the same chore this week, which of course, was the coldest we’ve had so far. I’ll be happy about it in the spring, though. That begonia is breathtaking.

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  2. I just managed to resist the Parkers’ sale by deleting every email unread. But a couple of sneaky nurseries sent me their catalogues so I’ve got to find room for about a hundred new plants in the spring.

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