Six on Saturday 11/11/17

Autumn has well and truly arrived this week with a couple of frosts, high winds and rain. It’s  starting to look a bit sad in some parts of the garden. I picked the last of the dahlias (knocked back by the frost but not blackened) and the chrysanths in the week. I must try to get the remaining bulbs in tomorrow! I’m sure they’re multiplying in the bags. I had very serious garden envy from other people’s posts the week before last but here’s what’s still looking reasonable in my little patch.

1. I know it’s appeared in other people’s posts but Salvia ‘Hotlips’ just keeps going. I’ve a couple in the garden and intended digging them up and overwintering them in the greenhouse. I’m tempted to leave one in the ground to see what happens. This one is with Salvia ‘Amistad’

B7B3FC2E-84AD-4F34-A06F-C613F2CF5A3E2. A Hydrangea, not sure on variety as I was given it as a cutting a few years ago. It flowered well earlier in the season but has started again quite enthusiastically

ABEC7BB1-9478-40DB-8492-7F0A8B8205583. I left a group of Cannas in the ground last winter – not deliberately, more forgetfully. They appeared above ground quite early this spring but the slugs and snails feasted on them several times. They eventually managed to get to a reasonable height though. Now that I’m thinking of digging them up to overwinter them they’ve decided to flower.

DB4DF4C3-4EAA-4639-B7B1-29B0DFA463C14. I love Heucheras. They mostly do well in my garden although some get a bit crowded out due to too many plants in too small a space. This one is ‘Lime Marmalade’ and it’s such a bright splash of green, even at this time of the year.

6AD8E030-B8BF-46AA-A4A6-217B01E64BFB5. Sorbus  aucuparia ‘Autumn Spire’. I planted  this last autumn as it enables me to have another tree, this time  with autumn colour, that doesn’t take up too much room. It’s only got a couple of berries on but that will, hopefully, improve as it settles in. It definitely has a spire-like habit and the leaves have stayed on well

18E474A1-5A2B-429F-8C21-97841B1CC84E6. I don’t know my fungi names at all but these bright orange toadstools(?) have appeared in several places in the lawn this week. The photo doesn’t really do justice to their bright colour. They also look wet even when it isn’t!


That’s my lot. Thanks to The Propogator for hosting Six on Saturday. I enjoy reading all of the posts.

7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 11/11/17”

  1. There’s nowt wrong with including something that others include in their posts. We regularly seem to have a “plant of the week”. Hot Lips is a really good performer and a lot hardier than other Salvias so we all have her. And we all go on about her tendency to go all white (and occasionally all red) when it gets too hot or cold. I’ve got fungi growing in the lawn that look like yours. I have other fungi growing in the lawn too. They don’t hurt as long as they don’t form a ring! I’ll wait for someone else to try eating them though! 😉


  2. My neighbour has tons of hotlips & I love seeing them in the beginning, but then they go on & on & on, making me wonder whatever it was I liked about them (until the next year). Yours look so much better w/the amistad – the pairing highlights both of them, especially coupled w/whatever the coppery things in the back are. The combined effect gives such depth to the bed! I’m envious of your colour ‘eye’. Really, really love the Autumn Spire. Such a warm colour, great foliage. Looks like a great variety in your garden this time of year. Beautiful.


  3. Thanks. I’ve just looked at your July post and my Hydrangea does look very similar. You can see how alkaline my soil is! I’m fairly sure that the Miscanthus is Silberfeder. It stays beautifully upright and the plumes persist through most of the winter


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