Six on Saturday 28/10/17

Autumn has really settled in this week but there’s still a lot of colour from flowers and leaves to enjoy. I’ve been planting bulbs where I can but still can’t bring myself to pull out summer bedding that’s looking good. I mentioned my similar dilemma the other week about emptying containers to plant up with bulbs and winter/spring bedding. Someone replied that the answer was easy – buy more pots. I took the advice (thank you John Kingdon). Anyway, here’s this week’s six

1. An example of the bulb planting dilemmaC93912E4-C775-418A-AB66-00D33B12CA99

2. Fuchsia ‘Lottie Hobby’. I’ve had this plant for many years. It’s evergreen in all but the hardest of winters (we’ve not had one of those here for a while) and is quite often still in flower at Christmas. The Heuchera leaves in the photo show how small Lottie’s leaves and flowers are.  I cut it to the ground each spring to stop it getting too tall.

3. Gingko biloba has been on my wish list for a while and I found this one on a sale bench last autumn. The autumn leaf colour is gorgeous.

A197C0BA-E608-43F9-8560-3DD612EA0E984. Ammi majus. I first read about this plant in a Christopher Lloyd book. He recommended autumn sowing but I never manage it! They do quite well from a spring sowing though. Most of mine have passed their best but a couple are still going strong.

1F4D821D-3014-43EF-92AA-5C46398C97A05. Another clematis having a final fling. It’s ‘Madame Julia Correvon’ and lives in an Amelanchier. There’s a lot of flowers a lot higher up!

A291F7E9-9293-431B-A80F-8A1A9011C2716. A Hydrangea. I can’t find the name label any more. It’s a star flowered one, I’m fairly sure it had a Japanese name. The leaves are bronze in the spring and the flowers are white/pinky-red. And then there’s the autumn colour! It’s not a really strong grower but that’s probably as well in a garden this size.

F72CA003-A6DB-4EAD-A73B-29EEFBC4BE0FThank you to The Propogator ( for hosting this.

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 28/10/17”

  1. Oh I don’t blame you for not pulling out the summer plants! That bed looks lovely. And I always feel guilty about pulling up plants that are still chugging along.


  2. Pleased to have been able to help with your planting dilemma. Sorry I didn’t suggest that you invest in a few good-looking pots and in a collection of slightly smaller, cheap, plastic, imitation teracotta or whatever ones. Saves money – you just put the cheap pots inside the nice ones and swap around as needed. Lottie hobby’s one of those nice, vigorous fuchsias that look a bit different. Some places list her as “little hobby” whilst in America she’s known as “lady’s eardrops”. I’ve read that some people use her for topiary. I read too much! I’ll be getting ideas next.

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